Protection of people and sites : FRAMEA Project

Monitoring and short time weather forecast is crucial for the protection of people and sites, especially for high population density areas. In areas with a complex orography, the use of a classical weather radar for monitoring those phenomenons is problematic due to ground clutter.

 To overcome those difficulties, FRAMEA implies the use of a non conventional weather Radar provided by NOVIMET : the HYDRIX radar. It has been deployed near Collobrieres in the south east of france from february 2006 to june 2007. The radar is now operated near Nice and produce data products in real time for different final users.

Novimet’s input in the project :

  • An HYDRIX X-band radar.
  • A complete control and monitoring system along with an efficient data processing and distribution chain for the end user.

First radar of the Hydrix production serie, at the south east of France

One hour rainfall (mm), 3rd december 2006

Instant rainfall example (mm/h), 25th september 2006 during a storm.

Premier modèle de série d’Hydrix, installé dans le SUD EST de la France

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