Urban hydrology

NOVIMET provides solutions allowing municipalities, agglomerations and metropolises to benefit flood alerts in their natural hazard management system.

In the particularly exposed department of Alpes Maritimes (south of France), NOVIMET services have demonstrated their relevance and effectiveness in mobilizing intervention staffs in the right place and at the right time, securing roads and making people safe.

Rural hydrology

NOVIMET’s solution is perfectly suited to monitoring watersheds, by providing precise and spatial information on precipitation and an estimate of the flow rate at the outlet of the watershed or at any point of the rivers that cross it.

It meets the needs of regional pubic institutes and water operators in the management of floods and aquatic environments.


NOVIMET provides solutions enabling airports to detect and predict weather events impacting on air traffic and runway safety (contaminants, intense thunderstorms, hail detection, wind shear detection, etc.). Rainfall estimate and precipitation typing are vital information for determining runway condition in accordance with TALPA (Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment).


NOVIMET’s solution provides motorway managers with valuable decision support to take the necessary measures when meteorological hazards occur in sensitive parts of their motorway network: closure of sections, salting of snowy areas, mobilization of maintenance teams, etc.


Addressed to agricultural sector players (cooperatives and unions, farmers, chambers of agriculture, phytosanitary distributor, insurer, etc.), NOVIMET‘s service offers rainfall observation over the plots, a determining parameter for optimizing the management of agricultural plots, the disease risk evaluation and the inputs efficiency, the irrigation control, the works organization, the prevention and the evaluation of the damage caused by hail…


By measuring and anticipating rain, snow or river flow, NOVIMET’s solution offers precise spatial information enabling operators of hydroelectric dams to optimize hydrometeorological monitoring for the safety of their installations, and the management of maintenance teams.


Thanks to its real-time mapping service and rainfall nowcasting refreshed every 5 minutes, NOVIMET’s solution meets to the weather concerns that affect the events sector. The urban community of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (France) called on NOVIMET to set up a weather forecast service for the 2018 Ryder Cup.