RAINPOL® web platform

RAINPOL® is a web-based interface. It allows:

  • to achieve specific treatment of hydrometeorological radar data.
  • to view the data on a basemap.
  • to be configured according to the needs of the client and the intended applications. It can be delivered with a rainfall-runoff model assimilating online measurements of precipitation and delivering in real-time flood forecasting. In addition, RAINPOL® platform is scalable. If the customer wants to implement new applications, especially commercial applications Novimet can implement them. Revenue from these commercial applications can participate in ROI of the overall system.


NOVIMET ensures the real time data distribution in a format compatible with your information system, for the following informations:

  • Rainfall during the last ten minutes.
  • Accumulated rainfall during the past hour.
  • Accumulated rainfall during the last 24 hours.
  • Accumulated rainfall from a specific date/time.
  • Classification of the nature of the precipitation (rain, snow, hail).
  • Animation of the rainfall (or snowfall) of the past two hours and anticipated rainfall fpr the next two hours.

Upon request:

  • Rainfall warning on a specific spot, with definition of the integration time and of the threshold and ceiling to be reached for triggering the warning.
  • Customized area integrated rainfall (for example, over catchments and sub-catchments).
  • Customized animation.
  • Impact study on the use of radar rainfall data instead of rain gauge data in your information system.