Your business is sensitive to the weather and you are concerned about potential solutions to better manage these impacts?

Novimet can help you to define your needs and implement your project.

Novimet is an innovative company composed of experts in radar hydrometeorology with leading scientific and technical references .

We propose our expertise in the following areas:

Our expertise

  •  Expertise in radar technology, and treatments for hydro-meteorological radar
  •  Expertise in data processing architecture / database management / statistical analysis
  •  Project management
  • Knowledge of many contexts and business application:
    • management and flood warning,
    • stormwater management,
    • watershed modeling,
    • modeling flow of rainwater in urban contexts,
    • management of catchments,
    • management and regulation of road, rail, airport depending on climatic conditions,
    • modeling conditions of plant growth depending on the weather, disease treatment, mildew, agricultural management treatments, …